Restylane Perlane

Smooth away wrinkles and lines or add volume to your facial features

Restylane Perlane - Smooth deeper wrinkles and folds such as deep nose to mouth lines or subtly restore lost volume to your facial features.

A Restylane Perlane treatment provides shaping for facial contours such as minor to moderate contouring of the cheek or eyebrow area, and accentuating the existing features, as well as smoothing out deeper wrinkles and folds.


Deep wrinkles and folds, minor to moderate facial contouring, eg, cheek enhancement.


Restylane Perlane is also available with 0.3% lidocaine (a type of anaesthetic) for increased comfort during treatment. Your local Restylane Practitioner will be able to discuss the appropriate product for your individual treatment plan.


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